Q&A - Disputing a Suspension

New Driver Signs 2011I need some serious help here! I am an N driver and I've sped twice in an almost two year period. Once was 110/kmph in a 90 and another time was 109kmph/ in a 90/kmph zone. Both occured in a 4 month period whilst I was driving my ,then ,17 year old friend (living on his own) to work. I was late, it was summer road conditions and I didn't want my friend to get fired.

Now I'm going to lose my job. I work 40 hours of Nightshift at a grocery store. It is myself and another guy who work the shift. He retires in January 05 2012. My Prohibition period is from Nov 16 until Febuary 16 and I HAVE to drive 15 minutes into town. I would ride my bicycle if it were summer. Oh yes, that raises the other issue of: Don't You Notify People When It Is Illegal For Them To DRIVE! I only found out about the "outstanding prohib" as the nice lady put, when I went into the government building to get a new care card and driver's license. If I hadn't "missplaced" my wallet, I would have never found out! Apparently the notification letter not to speed anymore takes longer than 4 months to arrive.

I am incredibly sorry for the rant, It's just that I am an extremely frustrated adolescent. My question is, I am well aware that 6 points = a suspended license. Is there any way I can dispute this suspension or get an exception?


As I Understand it....

... the Superintendent mails a notification to the driver of proposed action, invites their response and then takes whatever action is deemed necessary. Is your correct residential address shown on your driver's licence? Did you ignore mail from the Superintendent? If it is, and you didn't, then something went awry. It is going to be hard to backtrack at this point, since you are already 2 days into your prohibition. If you intend to try, I would suggest that you contact a lawyer on Monday morning. Use Lawyer Referral to help you find one whose practice includes expertise for your need.

You will not get an exemption allowing you to drive to and from work.

In the meantime, don't drive! Conviction for driving while prohibited is a further year of prohibition. Maybe you can rely on that friend who you lost your licence for to drive you back and forth in the meantime.

You are not alone in your rationalization for not following the speed limit. Most adult drivers feel the same way but don't face the same prohibition risk that you do. I think that they should.

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