Q&A - Giving Up My Class 1 Licence

Truck Tractor and TrailerI'm nearing my 71st birthday and have received the annual medical form required for all Class 1 license holders over, I believe, age 65. I haven't driven for over a year and have no plans to go back to work even on a part time basis.

What class will my license revert to when I hand in my Class 1?



I had a look at ICBC's web site and found a page on driver's medical exams. It contains a link specially for commercial drivers. It tells you that if you no longer need your commecial licence you can downgrade it and no longer have to worry about the medical exam. If you change your mind within three years you can get the original class back simply by passing the medical exam. It asks you to contact your nearest Driver Service Center for further information.

I did that and was advised that you would be downgraded to a class 5 licence as class 3 and 4 still require a medical exam. This could be done without charge until 6 months prior to your renewal date. At that point you would be charged the normal renewal fee for the licence.

Giving up your Professional License

Notwithstanding anything else written here, I would ask whether it is wise for anybody to give up their Class 1, 2, 3 or 4 license; this is a qualification you have earned, that will be much harder to re-acquire should you change your mind in the future, particularly beyond the three year cutoff.

How onerous is it to take a regular medical examination?  Why wouldn't you want to?  Most people consider seeing their physician on a reasonably regular basis to be a wise part of taking care of themselves - preventative medicine, even.

So if, like me, you would be getting a regular checkup anyway, then why not have your GP fill in the OSMV form at the same time; it may not even cost all that much - my GP only charges me $50, so as I do this anyway every two years (required for Driving Instructor license renewal - more stringent than the three years for Class 1 drivers under the National Safety Code) it's hardly a hardship, if you see what I mean.

You may never want to drive a tractor-trailer again - or even a passenger van to help out as a volunteer for the real old folks - but isn't it nice to know that you could?

Thanks for looking and

Thanks for looking and replying. I looked at the ICBC site but didn't find what you did.

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