Q&A - My First Speeding Ticket

New Driver Signs 2011I got my first speeding ticket a couple of weeks ago while still on my N. When I first got my N, I was told that the earliest month that I would be able to take the Class 5 test was May or June of this year. However, how will this speeding ticket affect my insurance, driving record, and my right to take the Class 5 test as scheduled? (Other than a couple of parking tickets, my driving record is clean).

The speeding ticket is issued under section 146 (1) and from what I gather, this is 3 demerit points. I can't seem to find any clear information about how this will affect my N anywhere.



I'm hoping that all the answers that you need are here on the site somewhere, it just needs a bit of digging to uncover it all.

The ticket will not affect your insurance, although you may have to pay a penalty point premium.

A conviction for the speeding offence will be entered on your driving record if you pay for the ticket or are found guilty of it by the courts.

Unless you are prohibited from driving, your ability to take the class 5 road test should not be affected.

Don't get another moving violation ticket before you pass the test this spring or you could be looking at a prohibition from driving and an extension of the time that you spend in the Graduated Licensing Program. ICBC's publication PI228 explains about extensions of both the Learner and Novice stages if the driver is prohibited.

Good to know

Ah, this must be a new change.

As far as I was aware (as of March 13, 2012), any tickets received during N stage will reset the clock.

Looks like that has been changed to any "driving prohibitions" (good news)

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