Driver Licencing

Information related to driver's licences.

CASE LAW - Ahmad v British Columbia (Superintendent of Motor Vehicles)

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of Ahmad v British Columbia (Superintendent of Motor Vehicles) involves Syed (Joe) Ahmad who was 86 years old at the beginning of this story. Mr. Ahmad suffered from a number of health issues and based on a DMER submitted by his doctor, the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles requested the results of the in-office cognitive screening tests.

Motorcycle Driver's Licence Restrictions

BC Driver's LicenceDriver's licence restrictions are used to restrict the operation of motor vehicles until the driver gains sufficient experience in their operation to have them removed. They are also used in the case of a medical condition or functional deficit. Restrictions may be imposed by either RoadSafetyBC or ICBC depending on the situation.

CASE LAW - R v Zhang

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of R v Zhang is an appeal in Supreme Court for three convictions in traffic court arising out of the provision of unlicensed passenger transportation services. Haiya Zhang was driving for Udi, a ride hailing service similar to Uber. He was not licensed under the Passenger Transportation Act, did not have the appropriate class of driver's licence and the vehicle he was using did not have a valid inspection certificate.

RESOURCE - On Line Drivers Test

Crash TestIf you went to the nearest ICBC Driver Service Center to renew your BC driver's licence and were directed to take a computer based knowledge test to qualify, would you pass? We all tend to think of ourselves as better than average drivers, but the truth is, by definition, half of us are not. Chances are good that we have done nothing to improve our driving skills and knowledge since the day we first received our full privilege driver's licence.

Driving Without a Licence

BC Driver's LicenceA reader has asked "What would happen to me if I was caught driving without a drivers licence?" It is a question that will expose serious consequences for you and the owner of the vehicle you are driving if it is not your own. I will confine my answer to the situation where you don't have a driver's licence either because you did not get one, it was expired or you did not have it properly reinstated after a suspension or prohibition.

Driver's Licence Restrictions

New Driver SignsMy girls attend high school and daily I watch as many of these students fill their cars with friends while displaying the "N" reports a reader. They go on to say that they spoke to their girls about this and the girls said that these young people just ignore that stipulation because no one checks and it is a nuisance being allowed to only carry one passenger.