Q&A - Freeway Crossovers

Q&A ImageAll freeways in BC appear to have cross over sections that connect the seperated highways.  These sections all have do not enter signs on each side.  What type of vehicle or driver is permitted to enter these sections of the highway?

I looked at the BC Motor Vehicle Act and Regulations and I couldn't find exceptions.  The do not enter signs that I looked at on Highway 99 and Highway 1 do not have exceptions either.   



You have to look at the exemptions to Part 3 of the Motor Vehicle Act:


120 Unless the context otherwise requires,

(b) the provisions of this Part do not apply to persons, vehicles and other equipment while actually engaged in highway or public utility, construction or maintenance work on, under or over the surface of a highway while at the site of the work, but do apply to them when travelling to or from that site, and

Exemption for emergency vehicles

122 (1) Despite anything in this Part, but subject to subsections (2) and (4), a driver of an emergency vehicle may do the following:

(c) disregard rules and traffic control devices governing direction of movement or turning in specified directions;

Great info.  Thank you!

Great info.  Thank you!

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