Q&A - Do Motorhomes Need Winter Tires?

Q&A ImageWe are driving our 30ft class C motorhome with a 5x10 cargo trailer attached at the end of November from Edmonton to Vancouver. Do we require chains or winter tires? We currently have all season tires on the rv.



The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure replies that the symbol of the truck and camper on the tires and chains sign represents all classes of recreational vehicles, including RVs that look similar to commercial buses. The minimum requirement for RVs is to use the M+S tires, however they recommend carrying chains or having the vehicle equipped with other traction devices in case severe winter conditions are encountered. Class A motorhomes that are built on a commercial truck chassis that don't have winter tires available can use chains or other traction devices. They would follow the same rules as commercial trucks.

For more information, please visit the Winter Tires and Chains – Recreational Vehicles website.

General information may be found on the Winter Tires and Chains page.

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