Q&A - Notice and Order #2

Sherlock Holmes like graphicQUESTION: I was pulled over yesterday by a member of the police and issued a ticket and inspection order for illegal front window tint. I asked that I be able to remove the tint myself and then present the vehicle and notice to a peace officer. However, for reasons unbeknownst to me, the officer insisted on ordering me to remove the tint and then pay for a vehicle inspection at a designated facility just to confirm I had removed the tint.

Do I have to go get a designated inspection? Or Can I remove the tint myself and present the vehicle and notice to the local detachment for inspection? I feel it is both unjust and unnecessary to have to submit myself to the inconvenience and expense of a full inspection for something so trivial as 40% front window tint.

ANSWER: Unless you can convince the officer that issued the Notice and Order to withdraw it you will have no end of difficulty if you fail to follow it. Until you pass inspection, ICBC will refuse to process any license transactions for the vehicle. This would apply to the new owner if you chose to sell the vehicle prior to inspection. Being a notice and order #2, you have a period of 30 days to pass inspection. After that point if you have not passed, you must not operate or park the vehicle on any highway. Should you choose to do so, you face a fine, seizure of the vehicle license and number plates and a tow home if you are discovered.

As far as I am aware, there is no way to have a notice and order reviewed, except by the issuing officer's superior. If they determine that the notice was not issued for a proper reason they can have the officer withdraw it.

I do not agree with your opinion that front window tint is trivial. Tint interferes with your ability to see a low contrast target. Think pedestrian in dark clothing at night for example. The presence of tint on front side windows may mean that you do not see them prior to making a left or right turn at an intersection in darkness.