Road Safety Action Plan for Saanich

Saanich LogoSaanich has announced the public release of the district's draft Road Safety Action Plan. The plan is focused on delivering effective actions over a 10-year period that will improve the livability and safety of the community.

Working with road safety partners and the community, Saanich is committed to taking action to eliminate deaths and serious injuries on it's roads, bringing more people home safely each day.

image of the road safety action plan graphic for saanich

Problem Magnitude

On average, there is a crash in the district every four hours. Someone is injured because of a crash every ten hours and someone dies every six months.

By far the most common location for a collision is in an uncontrolled intersection.

Crash Patterns

Crash patterns in descending order of occurrence include:

  • Rear end
  • Right angle
  • Left turn across oncoming traffic
  • Head on

Contributing Factors

The Saanich Police Department's reported top contributing factors are:

  1. Driver inattentiveness
  2. Unsafe speed
  3. Failing to yield right of way
  4. Reckless driving not including speed

Stakeholder Input

The district conducted a number of engagement sessions for the public and stakeholders. A public engagement report has been published along with a stakeholder workshop summary.

The Draft Action Plan

The Plan is intended to deliver effective actions over a 10 year period to improve the livability and safety of the community by achieving the goals of Vision Zero. 31 actions have been identified in the areas of engineering, awareness, enforcement and equity.

Public Input on the Draft Plan

There is an on line survey of opinion and input for the draft plan which appears to be ending in March 2024 with finalization of the plan beginning then.


Learn More

The Government of BC has published a Community Road Safety Toolkit that is intended to act as a resource for communities that want to follow Saanich's lead.

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