Q&A - Selling a Vehicle Long Distance

Q&A ImageQuestion: We've moved to Saskatchewan from BC and have just sold our utility trailer that is still at the house we were renting in Ladysmith BC. Could we please obtain advice on the best way to make the transfer (paperwork, etc). Obviously the trailer is still insured in BC and it was bought in BC also.

I have current insurance and ownership papers here in Saskatchewan.

Answer: ICBC has a page on its web site giving you advice on how to transfer vehicle ownership. They will refuse to proceed with a transfer (according to the representative I queried) unless a fully completed transfer form APV9T is presented.

Once the transfer is completed you may cancel the plate on the trailer.

While this may seem like more work than it should be, I would want a copy of the fully completed APV9T in my hand to protect myself against legal liability. You never know what the new owner may do and try to blame on you.