Q&A - Yielding at a 4 Way Stop When Pedestrians are Present

Q&A ImageAt a 4 way stop, who usually goes first if I am turning left and there are pedestrians about to cross and there is also another car that has stopped to my right at the same time?

In other words, how should the 4 way stop rules be handle if there are pedestrians in the intersection and it mixes up who should proceed first?


Yielding to the Right

When more than one vehicle arrive at a four way stop at the same time, who goes first is resolved by yielding to the right. Once you have yielded as required and it is safe to proceed, you do so.

Pedestrians add one more thought to the yielding process. In your example, the vehicle to your right is not going to be able to proceed because of the need to allow the pedestrians to cross. You have stopped, yielded and determined it is safe for you to proceed because the vehicle that you would normally allow to go cannot. If you are certain that the other vehicle will not try and go ahead of the pedestrians it is safe and legal for you to go before it does.

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