Q&A - Bus and HOV lanes

HOV SignSince leaving CMBC, I have been driving a senior's society's bus. Metro Vancouver has roads with lanes signed to show they are for HOV, Buses only, Vanpool & Buses, or "Authorized Vehicles only". If the bus is empty, I don't use an HOV lane, but will use the Buses only, and Vanpool & buses only lanes.  When full, I use the HOV, Buses only, and Vanpool & Buses lanes. I always avoid the Authorized Vehicles only lanes, even though other buses use them, because I do not know which buses are authorized, and I don't want to end a 40 year ticket-free run.  Am I right?

Because you are a bus, you can use an HOV lane regardless of whether you are carrying any passengers or not.

"bus" means a motor vehicle designed to carry more than 10 persons;

"high occupancy vehicle" means

(a) a bus,

I wonder if you can give me an example of an "authorized vehicles only" sign so that I can use Google Street View to have a look at the situation?

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Hi, try 687 Smithe Street or 800 Granville Street in your Giggle Earth search.  I've often wondered about this one too (and greatly enjoy being able to drive my bus past all the traffic lined up for the Lions Gate Bridge, ha ha!).

That would mean vehicles authorized by law, in this case a bus, ambulance, fire apparatus, police vehicle, road maintenance vehicle and perhaps vehicles authorized by a bylaw which could include a taxi, delivery vehicle, construction vehicle or any vehicle authorized by permit.

There are several "Authorized Vehicles only" signs on highway 99 in Richmond, Delta and possibly Surrey. Here's an example of one type found northbound after the Massey tunnel at the entrance to the bus lane.  Who determines which buses are authorized vehicles?