Q&A - Rules About Scooters

motorcycleHi, I’ve scoured the net for laws for scooters and I can’t find very much.  I live in North Vancouver so there are a lot of hills.  My scooter drops down to as low as 20 with some hills so, of course, drivers don’t like this.  I move over to the right (bicycle lanes) but have been told that we are not allowed to use bicycle lanes.

Would you be good enough to send me some info to help out us 49cc scooter users?



The "official" name of these motor vehicles is a Limited Speed Motorcycle. The word scooter was probably a bit too generic to come up with good information when you searched.

Click here for a list of articles on this site that reference limited speed motorcycles.

ICBC has some information for Low Powered Vehicles.

As for the use of bicycle lanes, you would have to follow the same rules that a car or truck would about driving in them.

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