AUDIO - An Ex-Traffic Cop Talks

podcast imageJust listened to this great interview between an active defense lawyer and a retired traffic officer.

The interview feels like a private tell-all conversation between two experienced professionals "over drinks", who would usually find themselves on the two opposite teams of the adversarial process. It appears that both are genuinely decent human beings concerned and involved with their respective fields of practice and interests.

I thought I'd post it here, since our site host does not appear to be the kind of person to toot their own horn (except when backing up), and I think this should be on this site.

Very insightful. Its great to put a voice to the articles that appear here.

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I had fun doing the interview and hope that I sounded half way intelligent. It was really a coffee chat for both of us I think and Kyla was a gracious interviewer. She even dangled the possibility of doing it again in the future.

Submitted by E-Mail

I have a couple of different experiences than yours in regards to JP's and bingo cards or multiple tickets. The one involved an irate motorist I stopped for speeding and he proceeded to call me every name in the book etc. Followed me back to the car and just continued trying to harass me. I advised him point blank that if he continued with his behaviour then I would take a closer look at his vehicle and if he kept talking I would keep writing. I ended up writing him 6 charges on 2 vt's for numerous defects, bald tires, cracked windshield, inadequate exhaust, licence plate light seatbelt and speeding.

He disputed the tickets. I gave my evidence including his behaviour. He made the statement to the JP that he felt I only issued him the tickets because of the names he was calling me etc. The JP stated in open court, " Huh!! You've lucky that's all you got". Guilty on all counts!!!

I also agree with the demand of a sample from any vehicle driver stopped being legal. I came across this in Australia where there is no requirement for R&P, you give your consent to any test simply by driving the vehicle. You pull up to a road check or are stopped by Police they present the RSD to you and say blow, nothing else required. I don't feel it is an unreasonable delay of any kind as it takes very little time to complete and no inconvenience to the driver otherwise.

The last point is that she asked how we were able to turn off our emotions etc dealing with the carnage we saw. We all did it but unfortunately there are a lot of us out here that are now suffering big time with PTSD as a result. I was diagnosed in 2013 and believe me it has been hell. I deal with it every day and have tried and still try every treatment out there but I'm not much further ahead.

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