Defective Vehicles - A Crash Looking for a Place to Happen

tow awayWhat do you do with a pickup that has only one operating light, a high beam headlight, being driven at night between towns? How about another being driven in the rain with wipers being operated by the passenger who was pushing and pulling on a rope with one end tied to each wiper and run through the passenger compartment via the vent windows? One driver even put black tape over the warning light that would have led him to discover no brake fluid in one reservoir of his master cylinder if he had investigated it.

These examples are just a few of many that I ran into over the course of my career in traffic law enforcement. It's glaringly obvious that these drivers chose to put other road users at risk. What might be less obvious is the dilemma I was in. Now that I had found them I was obligated to do something about it or I would risk liability myself if I were to let them continue.

Once your vehicle is no longer properly equipped for use on the highway you are obligated to remove it immediately. In order to take it to repair you would call a tow truck or other vehicle capable of moving the vehicle safely such as a deck truck. This is the only legal way to move a defective vehicle on the highway.

If you choose not to and are a significant hazard, police will order the vehicle removed immediately, may seize the licence plates and vehicle licence document to return to ICBC. The order will also require that you repair the vehicle and pass inspection at a designated inspection facility prior to driving the vehicle on the highway again. This is commonly known as a notice and order number one.

Reference Links:

Removal in Case of Breakdown - Division 2.02 Motor Vehicle Act Regulations
Powers of a Peace Officer - Division 25.30 Motor Vehicle Act Regulations
Police Authority to Inspect Vehicles - Section 219 Motor Vehicle Act


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Interesting how your thinking changes as you get older. Never really cared about car maintenance when you were younger. Brings up the old memory from when I was 18 and had a 1962 Plymouth convertible. Out one night with my girlfriend and another couple when I gave the car some gas and the linkage broke. Of course who thought about carrying emergency equipment in the trunk. We were trying to think how to fix it when my girlfriend looked at the other girl with us and asked her if she was wearing pantyhose. The next thing I know we are standing on the side of the road and the girls are taking off their slacks and pantyhose. We tied the two pair of pantyhose together to make a rope and tied one end to the carburetor and the other end through the window. Just had to pull on it to give the car gas. Drove around like that for three days before I got it fixed.

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