Q&A - Bumper and Headlight Heights

Q&A ImageQuestion: I'm in the process of buying a suspension lift for my vehicle and was curious about bumper headlight heights so I can remain legal. I have done some of my own research but all the info I've found is from years ago, and I'm curious if laws have changed.

Pick a Designated Inspection Facility

Probably the simplest way for you to deal with your pending modifications is to pick your Designated Inspection Facility and have a chat with them before you get started.

If you are intending suspension modifications that cause you worry with headlight and bumper heights, chances are good that you will have to undergo an inspection in order to operate your vehicle legally once the modifications are completed.

The facility should be able to help you with your planning so that passing the inspection once your modifications are complete can be relatively painless. They may also have some input on the quality of the kit that you choose.

Vehicle Inspection Manual on Heights

The inspection manual mentions:

suspension lift / raised vehicle (height measurements must be recorded for headlights, front bumper, tire size and overall vehicle height)

reject if vehicle modification or components not safe for use on highway


image showing measurement of bumper heights

NOTE: The OEM location will be the frame rails.

c) height

i) for passenger cars

A) for modified collector vehicles only reject if centre of bumpers not between 180 and 560 mm (7 and 22 in.) from the ground

B) for all other passenger cars reject if centre of bumpers not between 400 and 500 mm (16 and 20 in.) from the ground

ii) for trucks rated less than 4,500 kg

d) dimensions (not applicable to modified collector vehicles)

ii) reject if lowest part of truck bumpers higher than 750 mm (29.5 in.) from the ground as measured to OEM bumper location

d) reject if less than track width, vertical surface less than 100 mm (4 in.)

rear bumper required on trucks where OEM equipped


iv) reject if height is not between 56 cm and 137 cm (22 and 54 in.) above road surface when measured at centre of lamp

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Mighty fine of you dear sir to inquire before you lift. While you may already be convinced that its the right thing to do, please consider this video before you actually do it:

But if you do go ahead and proceed with your lift, please make sure that your lights are not pointed at the same height or higher than a typical car's mirrors.

Most overly lifted Dodge trucks end up shining their stock lights spot-on into the face of the driver in-front of them via the mirrors - and it gets very tiring at night.

Please do everything properly and good luck off-roading!