Q&A - Drinking in a Motorhome

Q&A ImageI was wondering about drinking in a motor home and its legality. I understand that definition of motor home from the Motor Vehicle Act. I further understand that a person must not drive or otherwise exercise control over the operation of a motor vehicle. The law states that alcohol can be in a motor home but the liquor must be kept in a cabinet away from the driver's area. Does this mean that passengers in the RV can not drink alcohol at all?



It all comes down to whether the motorhome or other RV is being used as a dwelling or not. If it is not being used for a dwelling, you are correct, no one can legally consume liquor inside.

This is the definition of residence from the Liquor Control and Licensing Act:

"residence" means

(a) a building or part of it, or a trailer, camper, manufactured home, tent or vessel that is genuinely and actually occupied and used by the owner, lessee or tenant solely as a

(i) private dwelling,

(ii) private guest room in a hotel, motel, auto court, lodging house, boarding house or club, or (iii) private summer dwelling, or a private dwelling or living place used during vacation periods or a private lodge, or

(b) a building or part of it designated by the general manager in a permit or other document as a private dwelling,

together with the land appurtenant to it that is essential or appropriate for the convenient use, occupation and enjoyment of a private dwelling or private summer dwelling;

Once you stop driving the RV and park it to use for camping purposes, it becomes a residence and is now legal to consume liquor inside of.

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