Q&A - Feeling Threatened by Another Driver

Q&A ImageI am a female and today when I was driving home alone I felt very threatened by another driver. He cut me off - I let it go. He drove 30 mph - I drifted back and gave him space. Then when it came time for me to turn off the road - he stopped (I was behind him turning) and followed me. I did not want him to see where I lived so I continued to the shopping mall, a public place.. I was able on my way to the mall to lose him - took lots of turns, moved around in traffic. Should I have recorded his plate number?....I was so nervous and scared I have to admit I didn't I honestly don't know why this occurred! I tried to have patience and give space but feel he just wanted to harass me- ?



It looks like you did all the right things on your own, except possibly calling 911 and reporting it to the police while it was in progress.

Here are some tips for anyone that wants to be prepared.

Calling 911 in this situation

Even though we are no longer allowed to use our phones when driving there are times when it is acceptable to do so. The Learn to drive smart manual states on page 101 "These restrictions do not apply for calling 9-1-1 to report an emergency."


Ensuring your personal safety when sharing the road with aggressive drivers means letting someone know what is happening (the police) and pulling over to use your phone would not be your safest option. You handled things well from the sound of it. Good for you.

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