Q&A - Problems with Designated Inspection Facilities

Q&A Imagei recently had my truck inspected at a government shop and had a few compaints and concerns with the people at the  counter not knowing answers to my questions and them actually giving me false information about driving my truck during the inspection process.

the other complaint i have is with the inspector.I think he using the inspection to create work and sell parts for his shop ,and i was wondering if there was any way to get a shop to go through an audit.I am trying to find the right people to inform  about this ,could you please let me know who i need to talk to about my concerns



I would not be looking for expert advice on driving and traffic rules at a Designated Inspection Facility. These people are generally mechanics and unless they have a special interest outside of their regular job, I would expect that they have the same routine driving knowledge that we all do. They may unintentionally mislead you because they probably have the same misconceptions.

Designated Inspection Facilities are managed by the Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement branch of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. There is a link to vehicle inspection general inquiries on their contact page. They have the authority to audit a facility if it is necessary.

You are not required to have the repairs done at the facility that does the inspection. If you have the skills, there is no reason that you can't do the repairs yourself and then return to the facility or go to a different facility for a pass. The drawback with using a different facility is that you would have to pay for the inspection a second time. I understand (but have no direct knowledge) that facilities generally do the final inspection after repairs are completed as part of the price of the initial inspection.

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