Q&A - Selling registration and VIN plate

Q&A ImageAsking for a friend... Okay, not a friend, just something that popped up in a Buy & Sell group I manage. Seems sketchy to me, selling JUST the plate, papers, and window frame, but before I boot the guy I just want to make sure.



Personally, I'd delete the post without further thought.

I cannot think of any legitimate reason to buy a VIN plate together with papers. You cannot legally affix it to a vehicle that it does not belong to and once removed, the vehicle it is removed from requires a B.C. Assigned VIN.

There is an assumption in the Criminal Code about missing/damaged VIN plates and stolen property that can cause significant issues when you buy something unsuspectingly too.

In fact, you may wish to go one further, provide the details of the post to police or CrimeStoppers for follow up.

My thought as well...

I guess I was more trying to decide whether to just ban the guy for illegal activities... but now the post is gone, so I'm assuming either someone bought it, or someone gave him crap for posting it and he removed it.

Thanks for the info!

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