Q&A - Unsightly Advertising

Q&A ImageQUESTION: A used car dealer here in Nanaimo has an advertising gimmick. It involves displaying a large dumpster with two or three wrecked cars standing on end sticking out of the top. Presumably it is one of those "push, pull, or drag" any car in for a generous trade-in allowance.

The appearance is unsightly. Don't wrecked cars have to be concealed from public view by fencing? That is the way it looks at most legitimate wrecking yards. It would be nice if this dealer could be required to stop making this unsightly scene along a stretch of highway 1, right across from beautiful Long Lake in the historic Wellington area.

ANSWER: This sort of thing is regulated by municipal bylaw. While I would suspect that auto wrecking yards might be subject to a screening requirement, this would likely be different.

Nanaimo's Property Maintenance Bylaw deals with unsightly properties, commercial or residential.

You may be more successful with the Sign Bylaw.

In any event, contact Bylaw Enforcement for more information at:

Tel: 250-755-4422

Fax: 250-755-4432

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