Q&A - Off Road Vehicles

I would like to know of laws and regulations for off road vehicle use on residential roadways. My neighbours frequently use their dirt bikes to race up and down our street (drivers age from about 6 to grown adults) while other children are playing and there is traffic. Some drivers wear the protection, others not. The child driver is wearing protection but is often "supervised" by the parent's from the home (50+ feet away at times). There are sharp ditches, safety concerns for my toddler to play outside, noise concerns and finally just plain irritation. My daughter can't go to sleep in the evening because she thinks the noise is a monster. It is to my understanding that off road vehicles are to be used OFF ROAD, licensed or not.



Off road vehicles are motor vehicles that do not meet the requirements of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act of Canada for on highway use. When they are built by a manufacturer rather than home built, the designation RUM (Restricted Use Motorcycle) is marked on the CMVSS compliance decal. They cannot be licensed for use on any highway.

If they are licensed, they may be used on the highway as defined by law. In simple terms, this is every place that you could drive your car and expect to require valid license plates to do so. Of course, a properly licensed driver wearing an approved helmet is required as well.

The rules are similar for other types of off road vehicles.

The noise and unlicensed/uninsured situation is a common one. You may wish to deal with the noise yourself as a part of being a good neighbour. Explain to these people your daughter's situation and ask them to please consider riding elsewhere or in an acceptably quiet manner. If they don't want to be good neighbours, then your only real choice is to complain to the police and hope that enforcement will solve the problem.

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