Q&A - Pushing a Motorcycle on the Sidewalk

motorcycleI am aware that it is against regulations to park or stop on a sidewalk. Is 'Pushing' covered under the motor vehicle act? (pushing with the vehicle turned off and not riding in any way)

For example, say a motorcycle runs out of fuel, and the vehicle operator feels that leaving the motorcycle on the road wouldn't be the best thing to do, and that pushing the motor vehicle on the road seems unsafe.

I suppose if one wanted to be really technical, pushing a motorcycle along the road, even if the motor is not running, is operating it. I always took the view that if the rider was walking along side pushing and the motor was shut off I didn't need to bother myself with them. They were doing their best to comply with the rules while moving the machine to a place where it was proper for them to ride it.

If this were a full size motorcycle and you were creating difficulty for usual sidewalk users I would probably be tempted to suggest that it wasn't the best idea and that you should either move to the shoulder or call for help.