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New Driver Signs 2011I'm a class 7N driver which of course has the driving restrictions of 1 passenger only unless with at qualified supervisor 25+. I was wondering if someone 25+ with a valid driver's license from another country (or one from a different province) and international driving permit (IDP) can count towards being a qualified supervisor? Or is it restricted to only BC license? Essentially I would like to drive around some visitors on their trip to BC but i'm unsure whether I am able to take both. They both are 25+ with valid license and IDP.



Your qualified supervisor only needs to hold a valid driver's licence for the type of vehicle being driven that is not a class 7 driver's licence. There is no indication in the law that this needs to be a BC driver's licence, so you don't have to worry about that.

Accompanying adult conditions and passenger restrictions for Class 7 licence

30.071 (1)  Subject to subsection (2), a person to whom a Class 7 licence is issued on or after October 6, 2003 must not carry more than one passenger while operating a motor vehicle of a category designated in section 30.01 (2) for that class of driver's licence unless the person is accompanied by another person who

(a) is at least 25 years of age or is a licensed driver training instructor engaged in providing practical driver training to the person in accordance with Division 27,

(b) holds a valid and subsisting driver's licence, other than a learner's licence or a Class 7 licence, of a class that permits him or her to operate a motor vehicle of that category, and

(c) occupies

(i)  the seat beside the operator, or

(ii)  the seat or area immediately behind and to the right of the operator, in the case of a motor vehicle of the category designated for the class of licence issued in which there is no seat beside the operator.

(2)  Subsection (1) does not apply to a passenger who is an immediate family member of the person.

The IDP is a nice to have item, but not necessary. The IDP is only a translation of the person's driver's licence into other languages and does not have any authority in itself.

Thanks for clearing this up!

Thanks for clearing this up! I was unsure because typically what i read in the icbc books only talks about the other class licenses for BC but mentions nothing about foreign licenses. I am assuming the same rules would apply if i were to travel to the USA? Since i read something about it being fine to drive in the states as long as i follow my restrictions (on this site's forum).


You are correct, the same would apply to a trip to the USA.

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