Q&A - Quads Prohibited from Using Some Forest Service Roads?

ATVCould you please touch on where a quad or off road machine may and may not operate. We were on the Gillard FSR and a police car had a side by side pulled over. We did not stop and ask what was going on. I understand that certain parts of the KVR are OK and some not...very confusing.


New Rules...

The whole system of using all terrain vehicles "off highway" in BC has changed. The provincial government has implemented the Off Road Vehicle Management Framework, which will control how off road vehicles use our forest service roads and other "off highway" venues.

Currently, the Off Road Vehicle Act and it's Regulations apply and provide the framework for licensing and use.

This new system promises increased access for road use and is explained on the Improved Road Access for ORVs page of the provincial government's web site.

The only current information on closures that I can find is the Alerts, Closures & Warnings page.

If you need more information about the ORV Management Framework, the contact is Vera Vukelich, Manager, Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

Phone: 250 356-7040
Email: vera.vukelich@gov.bc.ca

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