RESOURCE - Walk Audit Tool Kit

Pedestrian CrossingWhile the Walk Audit Tool Kit is a publication of the AARP, it's not just for seniors. It teaches how to assess and report on the safety and walkability of a street, intersection or neighbourhood, hoping to inspire any needed changes. Anyone who walks can use information from the kit to do an audit.

According to the website, the kit aims to meet the following goals:

  • inspire the development of pedestrian-friendly streets
  • gather input about community infrastructure needs
  • help reduce traffic congestion and pollution
  • educate residents about street design elements that support safety
  • increase exercise opportunities for people of all ages
  • encourage social interactions among neighbors
  • enable people to get around without having to drive
  • give a boost to property values
  • empower community leaders and residents to be the agents of needed change

Both the 28 page guide and the associated worksheets can be downloaded free of charge.

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