How do I get Ownership Papers for my Snowmobile?

Q&A ImageQUESTION: I purchased a snowmobile in 2003 brand new from a Skidoo dealership in Kelowna. At that time I registered it with a ICBC and got a sticker. However, I never received any ownership papers. Is there any way to get that paperwork as I want to sell the machine.

ANSWER: For this I went to ICBC for advice:

The customer may have the registration decal that was assigned to the snowmobile when he/she registered it under the All-Terrain Act; it should be a yellow decal located on the left and right side of the tunnel of the snowmobile.  Alternatively, he/she may provide the full VIN to his/her Autoplan broker and then the broker can call our Broker Enquiry Unit who have access to the Snowmobile Registry and can verify ownership.