Q&A - Displaying Off Road Vehicle Plate

Q&A ImageI have just received my new Off Road Vehicle (ORV) License Plate and I am having difficulty finding a place on the main frame to mount it. It is a Honda Rubicon TRX500 and the only place I could mount it with vee clamps is on the right side of the rear frame but it covers the tail light.

I do not drive an ATV at night and I am unaware of any regs to the contrary re: such a location. But, there are many types of ATV's out there and few if any have come from the factory with a proper place for this new requirement to license.

Finally, I am unable to mount it squarely in the middle of the rear frame as there is an access door to some electrical apparatus that runs the machine. In other words the plate will block the panel.

What is the requirement at this time re: mounting of license plates on ORV's?

image of bc off road vehicle licence plate

Display of Off Road Licence

4 (1) A person must not use or operate, or authorize or permit another person to use or operate, an off-road vehicle registered with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia on Crown land or prescribed private land unless

(a) a number plate or number sticker is clearly visible on the front, back or left exterior of the off-road vehicle,

(b) the number plate or number sticker is securely fastened in a horizontal position, and

(c) the number plate or number sticker is entirely unobstructed, free from dirt or foreign material and maintained in a condition such that the numbers and letters on it can be easily read.

(2) Despite subsection (1) (b), a number sticker may be attached in a vertical position on the left front fork of a motorcycle with the first number or letter at the bottom of the fork.

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