CBC RADIO - The Speed Factor

CBC LogoCBC's On the Coast radio program is looking at The Speed Factor this week. The theme of the series is to look at the impact speed has on collisions and why we are not doing more to convince the public that inappropriate speed is an unnecessary risk.

The first interview is with Delta police chief Neil Dubord, the chair of the BC Association of Chiefs of Police Traffic Safety Committee.

The second interview is with John Westhaver. John is an ICBC Road Safety Speaker that was a passenger in a vehicle involved in a high speed crash. Three of his friends were killed and he suffered serious injuries,

The third interview is with retired SFU Criminologist Ehor Byanowski who speaks on the psychology of why we speed.

The fourth interview is with Gord Lovegrove of UBC's Sustainable Transportation Research Library. The discussion revolves around speed limits.

The fifth and final interview with Karen Reid Sidhu and Sandy James. Karen is the executive director of the Surrey Crime Prevention Society and Sandy is an urban planner. This segment explores possible solutions to reduce fatalities on our highways and listeners are invited to call in.

All segments begin at the 01:53:00 mark.



I sincerely wanted to listen to these segments but I missed the dates.  I tried CBC website for archives and search but I can’t find it.  Do you happen to know the link?

thank you.

No agency

I think a big part of the problem can be summed up in the way the CBC chose to name this series "The Speed Factor." It's not about speed, it's about drivers who speed. The distinction may appear subtle, but it's an important one.

Speed cannot be blamed, because speed is not an agent (an entity capable of action and which can be responsible). The person driving is the agent.

We'v found so many ways, in writing and in speech, to blame everything but the driver; I cover this in more detail in my blog: http://www.brucebutler.ca/blog/the-blame-game

This series should have been called "The Speeding Factor" or "The Speeding Driver Factor."

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