My Favourite Anti Speeding Video

cartoon image of speeding carThis is my favourite anti speeding video! It was an Australian television commercial produced for Transport New South Wales. I use it regularly to try to get people to think about why taking 10 km/h above the posted limit is not a good decision when things go wrong.

Low Level Speeding is Dangerous

The video shows graphically how taking 5 km/h liberty with the speed limit can have a significant outcome at the point of collision.

Myths About Low Level Speeding

Dr. Johnston also took part in this webinar titled Debunking the Myths Around Low Level Speeding.

The points raised in the webinar include:

  • We all agree that injury is related to speed. Higher speeds = more serious injuries.
  • Some argue that speed does not influence crash risk.
  • Decreases in speed are observed to result in larger reductions in injury and fatal crashes.
  • Familiarity breeds contempt.
  • We've made reductions in other areas to promote safer roads.
  • We must create social change to reduce crash risks.

You can download a PDF of the webinar transcript as well.

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I feel that if this old lady goes the speed limit not only Iā€™m slowing down the flow of the traffic but also having motorists passing me (usually heavy traffic) to get to the light first.  Unfortunately cars are made for speed and speed seems to be the norm!!