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Something new has quietly crept into place in the court system of British Columbia. The Violation Ticket Center opened in May of this year in the Robson Square Courthouse in Vancouver and services the entire province. The Center's only business is to act as a centralized administrative service to support the processing of Provincial Violation Tickets.

What does this mean to anyone that receives a Violation Ticket? Quicker service from a single point of contact is the goal. By calling 1-877-661-8026 (604-660-4869 if this number is not available in your calling area) anyone who has been issued a Violation Ticket will be able to check on the status of it, most commonly in relation to the progress of a dispute. The Center aims to decrease all delays related to tickets by moving the processing from many court registries to a common location.

Dispute and request for adjournment forms may be downloaded from the Court Services web site and mailed to the Violation Ticket Center or presented at a court registry office. The court registry will forward those documents to the center for you. I see that a fax number of 1-604-660-4868 is listed for the center and you may wish to inquire about faxing your documents instead of using the mail.

Disputes will continue to be held in the courtroom that has jurisdiction over the location that the Violation Ticket was issued in and payment may be made in the usual manner. Finally, the court registry will still be responsible to record the progress of those disputes and receive applications to adjourn a dispute from the police.


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to what address direct inquiry re year old speeding offense

I was directed to this site but it does not give me information regarding to whom to write if it has been a long time since getting a ticket.  Please, to what address should I address my concern re: a traffic violation?  (my wife) should have gotten a date of hearing since we disputed the ticket buit to date we have heard nothing.  Thank you.

Check the Link

Violation Ticket Center Contact Information

The very first thing on the page is the postal address.

address to confirm whether Notice of Hearing has been sent

Please, can anyone advise to whom I can write to to confirm whether Notice of Hearing has been sent following my dispute of speeding ticket?  My problem, our "super" Canada Post mail box had been broken into and robbed several times.  Apart from the fact that Canada Post, in my experience, has been unreliable.  In fact, last year I had sent 2 consecutive registered letters were sent from Vancouver to Ontario, and neither one arrived!!  Hopefully, and I doubt this, the Notice of Hearing will be sent by registered mail.  If not, please, SOMEONE, tell me where I can direct an enquiry as to whether a Notice of Hearing has been "served".  I find it to be just slightly preposterous that "Service" of Notice of Hearing can be assumed to be delivered by Canada Post without proof of service!  Is there any information other than the violation number tha I need to quote?  Thank you.  An honest, law abiding, BC driver and his wife, Gordon and Donna

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