RESOURCE - Toolkits for Traffic Problem Solving

ReThink LogoTransportation Alternatives' mission is to "reclaim New York City from cars, transforming our streets into safe, sustainable, and equitable places to walk, bike, take transit, gather, and thrive." To advance that mission the group has furnished two freely available toolkits to assist the public in making their neighbourhoods a safer place.

The first is a Neighbourhood Traffic Monitoring Kit:

All real change is the product of a little labor, and the Neighborhood Traffic Monitoring Kit you now hold is no exception. Please don’t be intimated by its length. Everything you need, besides a few friends to volunteer their time, is included in these pages. Get ready to understand your neighborhood in a whole new way, through scientific observation, and learn how your findings can change the place where you live.

The second is a Speeding Survey Toolkit:

If speeding is a problem in your neighborhood, this toolkit will help you prove it. From building community support to conducting your own speeding study, you can take practical steps that will have a real impact.

While both guides are aimed at residents of New York City, they will work equally well from Vancouver to Horsefly in our province.

In order to be successful in convincing your local authorities to solve traffic problems in your neighbourhood you will need to define them and show that they are indeed a problem. Having done that, you are in a much better position to have them prioritized and acted on.