NEWS - Audit of Commercial Vehicle Safety

auditor general logoBC's Auditor General has released the report of an independent audit of commercial vehicle safety in our province. The audit looked at whether the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia and the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General have effectively managed their respective programs to promote the safe operation of commercial vehicles on B.C. roads.

Highlights of the Report:

  • 19% of fatal collisions involve a heavy commercial vehicle
  • Collisions are not usually the commercial driver's fault
  • 3% of vehicles registered in BC are heavy commercial vehicles
  • BC's programs for safety in and around commercial vehicles are limited
  • Driving a commercial vehicle in BC does not require specialized training
  • All drivers need to be more aware of commercial vehicles when using the roads
  • Government needs to do much more to ensure commercial vehicle safety

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I came across this interesting analysis of what happened in the Humboldt Bus / B Train crash, here