NEWS - Electric Kick Scooter Trials

New BC LogoThe Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has updated their list of pilot projects in BC municipalities that allow the use of electric kick scooters on streets. Designed to assess the safety of e-mobility as safe modes of personal transportation these projects must be enabled by municipal bylaws.

The following are current pilot project communities:

​* These communities have bylaws setting criteria for electric kick scooter use. Check with your municipality to understand what laws apply to you.

People using electric kick scooters must be 16 years or older, wear a helmet and follow the rules of the road for cyclists. A driver’s licence and insurance are not required.

As part of the provincial Active Transportation Strategy, these pilot projects are examples of alternative solutions for personal mobility.

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Presumably, the respective bylaws officers of the various municipalities will be responsible for ticketing the offenders. 

So how do they do this? What's the penalty if you're too young, or not wearing a helmet?

I suspect those youngsters don't need to worry though, as in my experience they will pay this as much attention as illegal pedestrian behaviour.

The enforcement falls to the police under the Motor Vehicle Act and bylaw enforcement under the municipal bylaws.

The usual Motor Vehicle Act rules and penalties that applied before the trial would apply to those outside the trial or in violation of the trial parameters.

Its about time a license requirement be set up and enforced for all these types of usage for anyone using a kick scooter, E bikes and bicycles.  You register your scooter, E bike etc. with the city or municipality via the serial number with a picture of your unit.  A license fee and age minimum to be set by the city or municipality.  A small plate to be issued for easy attachment to the unit being used along with a hand booklet on safety and rules of the roads.  This info would be in a computer set up and would likely reduce a lot of theft.