RESEARCH - Measuring the Success of Safe Routes to School

School Zone SignSafe Routes to School (SRTS) programs seek to increase the number of students who use active transportation (walking & cycling) methods to travel to and from school. Increasing physical activity has the potential to improve health. SRTS programs aim to accomplish this goal through engineering, education, enforcement, encouragement, equity, and evaluation.

A recent report, Measuring Success for Safe Routes to School Programs from San Jose State University and the Mineta Transporation Institute found that parents and school administration felt active transportation promoted social connections, health, economic and environmental benefits.

It also identified two major drawbacks: sustaining the programs and a lack of routes that feel safe to students and their parents.

The latter is a common lament from people that includes the Prospect Lake Elementary School in Victoria, Ecole Oceanside Elementary in Parksville and Van Horne Elementary in Vancouver.

If you are considering a SRTS Program in your area, here's some information on how to develop one.


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