Q&A - When was a Law or Regulation Enacted?

Q&A ImageLooking at the MVA / MVAR, does "[en. B.C. Reg. 476/98, s. 2.]" (for example) indicate that at least the latest version of this law was enacted in 1998?  Is there any way to see the history of a particular entry - when it was created, where it's been changed, etc.?



Your example says that the last change was enacted by B.C. Regulation 476/98 section 2.

A quick search finds the B.C. Regulation Bulletin #49 and it contains a line concerning the Motor Vehicle Act, which explains that it was an amendement to the MVAR that took effect on January 1, 1999.

Another search finds the specific Order in Council 1572/98. From the attachments, we can see that the amendments have to do with lights.

BC Laws customer service suggest that the glossary section of their site would be useful as well.

Good information, thanks! I

Good information, thanks!

I guess the main reason for asking is when I see someone complaining about how laws are "getting stupid" or something long those lines, I can point out that "see, this has been the case longer than you've been alive".


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