Q&A - Dead Body in Hearse Qualify for HOV Lane Use?

Q&A ImageCan a funeral home employee use the HOV lane after picking of a deceased person when transferring to funeral home from place of death?  Would the deceased person qualify as a second person for the HOV lane with the driver?



Interesting question!

"high occupancy vehicle" means

(a) a bus, or

(b) a vehicle under 5 500 Kg GVW that is carrying at least the minimum number of persons specified by the applicable traffic control device;

The Motor Vehicle Act Regulations does not define what a person is. When that is the case, then other laws or the dictionary are the fallback to try and find context.

A person is considered to be a person when they are alive, and in the case of a foetus, it is not considered to become a person until after fully birthed.

So, your deceased does not count at all and the pregnant woman only counts as one, herself.


I admit, the initial captioned gave me a chuckle. 

Thought he had a good point though, but that was squashed.

Understandable, really ...

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No Pun Intended

Haha.... good pun.  

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