Q&A - Carrying Fuel Containers in Passenger Vehicles

Q&A ImageI see almost everyone these days bringing their own gas cans to fill up in the USA since they're being gouged royally at the pumps here. Are they allowed (legally) to transport these containers inside their trunk?



Yes, they are. I don't think that you can stuff enough in the trunk to run afoul of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations where you would have to display placards, but even then, you could still likely do it legally. Just hope you don't get rear ended on the way back...

Where you might run into trouble is with local bylaws. Sometimes you are limited to where and how much fuel you can store at home. Check with your local fire department, they should know.

CVSE Response

I followed up on the question with CVSE who are generally the best source of transportation of dangerous goods information in my experience.

The response was that you may carry up to 150 liters of gasoline in approved containers whose capacity is no more than 30 liters each.

Transporting amounts greater than that or amounts in containers larger than that would mean having to comply with the requirements such training, manifests, placards and emergency information you would associate with commercial carriers.

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