Q&A - For Sale? How?

Q&A ImageWe are selling one of our cars this spring, actually its a westfalia van. Right now it's parked in our driveway with For Sale signs up in the windows. I understand that it can't be parked on any highway (streets) and I need the owners permission to park it anywhere else (I have permission to park it in the parking lot at work beside a busy street).

I looked through the MVA but couldn't find anything on having for sale signs displayed while driving. ICBC doesn't say anything about it, although they do say;

Ready to put your vehicle on the market? You can get the word out many ways, such as:

I'm pretty sure that is it illegal but looking to confirm, signs would be in the rear side windows, not obstructing the drivers view. I suspect they would be a distraction to other drivers though.


You're Correct

As long as the signs do not obstruct your view, there is no reason that you cannot display them when driving.

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