Q&A - No Speed Enforcement at Mirror Lake

Q&A ImageI have been a property owner in Mirror Lake BC for over 5 years & have yet to see any speeding related citations being created here. Hwy 31 at Mirror lake is posted 50 kmh but rarely see anyone obeying the speed limit. At the intersection to Mirror lake campground there is a lot of foot traffic crossing the hwy, it is only a matter of time until someone gets killed by a speeding motorist here, unless something is done about it. I look forward to a reply or better yet, holding people accountable for their disregard for the speed limit.



This general situation deserved a more comprehensive treatment, so I chose to write today's article, Solving Your Own Road Safety Problem, to address it.

One possible solution is to discuss the matter in public. The Kaslo RCMP Detachment has their own Facebook account. Why not use social media to express your concerns? Of course, remember that a polite comment will go much further than one that is not. People using social media seem to forget that thought frequently these days.

addressing speed

This is good advice. Respectfull, informed concerns are more likely to be well received. Today's police are somewhat overloaded with social challenges and new priorities.

It will likely  take some convincing to adress speed issues, since police and health authorities did object to raising speed limits.These are the professionals that have  to deal with the aftermath of accidents.

It is somewhat unlikely that  BC Police  Departments are rushing out to make the Minister of Transportation,and his UBC researchers look good on his premise that going faster is safer on BC Roads. 

Hopefully there will be some action on well thought out , informed, respectfull complaints.

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