Q&A - Warning for Speeding on Record?

Q&A ImageI got a speeding warning by the police yesterday. He said my speed was over 60, but I am sure I was not driving over 60. I worry if the warning was put on the computer or not. If it is kept on record,it's not fair for me. I even don't have the chance to dispute for it. How can I know if it is on record or not?



If you mean does it go on your driving record maintained by ICBC, then no, it does not. If you are a commercial vehicle driver where the vehicle has a National Safety Code number and the warning is submitted to ICBC by the officer that information could be retained as part of the Carrier Profile.

If you mean does it go on some kind of police record, then yes, possibly, but not likely. Back in the days before PRIME, if I came across someone that I felt might be interesting to know about later on, I would do a Street Check. This was entered into the Police Information Retrieval System (PIRS) and could be accessed by RCMP anywhere in Canada. The Street Check contained the details of the person and/or vehicle and the circumstances that I checked them in. PRIME does the same thing today but is used province wide by all police forces in BC and the information is available to other police agencies in the rest of Canada.

Most officers would not bother to enter information on PRIME for a speeding warning only.

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