Q&A - Utility Vehicles on the Highway?

Q&A ImageQuestion: I have a 2012 polaris ranger it has front head lights, brake and driving lights. I have 3 point seat belts full roll cage and steel doors. Can I insure this and drive it on public roads?

Does It Meet Standards?

If you are speaking of using this vehicle to drive on BC highways the same way you would with your car or pickup truck, my guess is probably not. To do this, you would need to find the following approval mark on the machine. It is usually on the VIN decal but may be an individual sticker affixed by the manufacturer:

CMVSS Approval Marking

This certifies that the vehicle meets Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS) and is meant for regular highway driving.

Perhaps for Limited Use

This does not mean that it cannot be driven on the highway at all if the certification is not met. After all, riding lawnmowers and such are licensed and insured by ICBC on a restricted basis. There is information on the ICBC web site covering this topic.