POLL - Automated Speed Enforcement

intersection camera warning signA poll conducted by Research Co. last September found that more than three of five British Columbia residents agree with four different types of automated speed enforcement. Fixed speed cameras (76%), Speed on Green intersection cameras (72%), mobile speed cameras (66%) and finally point to point  speed enforcement cameras (61%) were surveyed.

Of the 800 people involved, 72% approved, 22% disapproved and 8% were not sure if they approved the use of Speed on Green intersection cameras.

Majorities British Columbians have voiced support for automated speed enforcement in Research Co. surveys conducted in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Reseach Co. claims that these figures are accurate +/- 3.5% nineteen times out of twenty.

Because our governments are so reluctant to fund police traffic enforcement driver behaviour has deteriorated significantly.  Many drivers just ignore speed limits regardless of road and traffic conditions, simply because they know it is extremely unlikely they will get caught.  Automated speed enforcement is an excellent mechanism to have an impact on this behaviour.   When I travlled in Australia I was amazed that 95% of the vehicles on the highways were travelling within 5 km/h of the speed limit.  the automated speed enforcement in place had a huge impact.  driving was so relaxing, and traffic moved so smoothly that everyone benefitted.

You hit the nail right on the head, I just wanted to add one thing. It might benefit everyone if the province would, in addition to allowing automated speed enforcement, make the changes necessary so that municipalities can have non-police officers who are able to enforce the MVA, like Alberta allows. I grew up in small town Alberta and our 2 bylaw officers would hide in different school zones every morning and every afternoon. When I say hide, I mean they would hide behind fences, street lights, you name it. The result? A city of 10, 000 people who respected school zones, including us young drivers. Here in Kelowna I surveyed drivers going through a school zone at 830 am on a school day with my radar gun (I love GC Surplus) and became so upset I had to go home before I embarassed myself. No one here has any respect for the rules of the road. 

Bring on the automated speed enforcement. Use it where vulnerable road users are, use it on back roads as well as major roads. Hide the cameras like the City of Taber used to do - in fake green electrical boxes. Use unmarked vehicles - do whatever it takes to send out as many tickets as possibel. Use it to enforce the Slow Down and Move Over laws as well. 

Also, they need to take a close look at the current fines associated with infractions. I mean, it costs $150 to $225 to fill a vehicle with a tank of fuel. When fines are low like they are now, it hardly creates an impact on the rare chance drivers do get a ticket. Double or triple all of the fines. An exanple of current fine values:

Park on a sidewalk, near a hydrant or in an intersection; $35 You can follow a fire truck too close, park near a fire truck or drive over a fire hose, deposit injurious article on the highway or use an unauthorized lamp for only $70 Fail to obey police direction, change lanes unsafely, fail to pass safely, pass without a clear view, fail to yield to an emergency vehicle or cross a double solid line and it is only $95. Fail to stop at red light; $145 Drive without consideration or Speed against highway sign exceeding 21 km/hr to 40 km/hr or you can go through a 30 km/hr school zone doing 50 and the fine is only; $170

Filling my truck with a tank of fuel today cost around  $170. I can go through a tank in 2 days...

Keep in mind that the system in Australia (to the best of my knowledge, and realizing there are five major jusdictions) still understands that cars don't drive themselves.

People do.

So the great thing about their enforcement rules is that the driver - not necessarily the vehicle owner - gets the ticket.

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Yes, that ensures that the driver is motivated to behave.  I wonder how high  the fines are.  they must be substantial to generate that level of compliance.