Q&A - Safe Winter Driving Speed

Q&A ImageIn the winter, how do police determine what is a "safe" speed?



In general, the determination is pretty much after the fact. The driver was going too fast to stop at the stop sign or went through the corner instead of around it.

However, as a collision analyst, I was able to measure and calculate things like critical curve speeds or slide to stop distances. This was usually part of a collision investigation rather than day to day enforcement.

Often observation was a good gauge. If the majority of the traffic was moving at 60 km/h and someone blasted past at 100, they would be a good candidate.

Ultimately, you had to be able to justify the ticket in traffic court.

I would be curious to know the considerations that the MOTI uses to set the variable speed signs currently in operation around the province.

Thanks for the info

Thanks for the info. Was curious as I was driving hwy 5 in a storm and didn't really want to do 45kmh with a 2 km line of traffic in the left lane. I passed the train of cars, but only did about 70 km/h. I felt that it was a safe speed for myself in the truck that I was driving. 

Great site by the way. Lots of great info on here!!


Thank You Too!

I try.

The site is my hobby and I'm happy when others find it useful.

I always say, drive where you

I always say, drive where you are comfortable. I say that to people who drive for a living, not people who have no concept of safe.

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