VIDEO - Speed Talk

VideoThis is a video produced by the Belgian Federal Highway Police in collaboration with the Parents of Child Highway Victims. It is in French with English sub-titles. It features conversations between drivers caught speeding and the parents of children who died in collisions. Both are seated in the rear of a vehicle immediately after the driver had been stopped by police.

Oh boy, I’m concerned my rant will be too long.  I absolutely detest speed demons.  I was disgusted when Todd Stone anti’d up the speed limits when he himself was caught speeding, x2 I believe.  I have an on-going saga with the speeders on my residential street.  I’ve complained numerous times, to numerous sources to monitor and ticket the area. To no avail.  I’ve resorted to nailing my own SLOW DOWN signs on the telephone polls because if they’re stuck in the lawn the delinquents just stroll by and rip it out.  Not that my efforts deter in either case.  I live 2 blocks from an elementary school and probably the majority are the very parents ‘late’ dropping off their kids! How shameful is that?  There are days I’d love to sit on the front lawn and have a bucket rocks to throw at all the speeders that drive by.... bet they got time to stop and give me a piece of their mind if that transpired.  It’s extremely frustrating cause there is absolutely no one of authority or power out there correcting these speed demons.  As for the video.  I’ve seen several you-tube, mostly regards to cell phone use while driving and the stories are gut wrenching, all 100% preventable!  Unfortunately the problem here is that the ones who should be sitting with these families or at the morgue or watching these videos consider themselves above reproach, they are invincible, they are better at driving then all others and the rules & tragedies don’t apply them.  Where is the enforcement?

We live in a small city in Northern BC.  We live in a very crowded subdivision, full of streets, avenues, crescents, drives, etc.  Many of the residents of this subdivision are oil and gas field workers, who seem to think they are exempt from following any "road rules" that exist.  The subdivision is also full of "little people" who walk to school every day.  It's only by God's Grace that so far, no one has been hit in our area. What is needed in our subdivision is an RCMP member to have a presence occasionally, just to slow some of these idiots down.  From 2:30 to 5:00 p.m. is when the streets are full of "little people" who are all "on a mission" to get home, and it's also when the "rig pigs" are coming home from work.  Especially bad now, with it getting dark so early, and unplowed streets with no sidewalks.

I found the lack of comment on this topic rathering disturbing.  I thought that the issue of speeding would have generated a flood of remarks, instead, only two, one of which was mine.  I can only surmise that my input may have hit a few buttons and led me to believe that most, if not all, of the non responders were perhaps a guilty party to which I mentioned.  Interesting.  I guess no one wants to admit to their guilt in regards to residential speeding.  After all, it’s the speed demons who want ME to abide by the limit but that same limit renders them exempt.  I wonder what kind of response I would get if I did sit on my front lawn with a bucket of rocks to throw at the speeders.  And no one cared to respond as to why our police have long since abandened the patrol of residential neighbourhoods.  Too trivial, I guess.