Street Racing Defined

Street RacingWhat is definition of street racing and what to do when you see street racers?

The Motor Vehicle Act defines race as one of three circumstances: trying to outdistance or outdistancing other vehicles, trying to prevent or preventing other vehicles from passing, or driving at excessive speed to try to arrive at or arriving at a destination ahead of one or more other vehicles. These instances must occur in a situation where road conditions indicate that the operator is is driving without reasonable consideration for others or their driving may cause harm to a person.

Recall that excessive speed is a speed greater than 40 km/h over the posted speed limit.

At the very least, an officer observing these actions taking place would attempt to stop the vehicles involved and deal with the drivers. If the vehicles were stopped successfully and the drivers identified then charges would be considered. When charges under the Criminal Code, prohibited driving, driving without consideration for others or excessive speeding under the Motor Vehicle Act where the driver is compelled to attend court will proceed, the officer may consider impounding the vehicles involved as well.

The officer may have the vehicle impounded for a period of 48 hours with towing and storage charges being the responsibility of the vehicle owner. If the impoundment would jeopardize the safety or leave the vehicle occupants stranded, the officer must also arrange for transportation to the nearest safe area where other transport may be summoned. The impoundment period increases to 30 days if the driver has had a previous racing impoundment within the previous two years.

As with any other driving offence, a member of the public witnessing a street race may report the details to the police for investigation and potential charges.


Impoundment for Racing - Section 251(1)(e) MVA

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