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Advertising on DriveSmartBC allows you to reach people interested in driving, road safety and traffic law in British Columbia.

After reading the following information, if you wish to advertise on the site please complete the application form. Requests for advertising must come via this form. All other queries will be ignored.

The DriveSmartBC web site provides a highly targeted audience of visitors looking for information to enhance their knowledge of how to use BC highways and include pedestrians and cyclists as well as drivers. DriveSmartBC is the only web site of it's kind in British Columbia.

DriveSmartBC is in a unique position to help you reach the driving population and related market in this province.

Thank you for your interest in advertising on DriveSmartBC.

Please note that advertising which does not directly match the subject of this web site (road safety and traffic law in British Columbia) will not be considered. This includes ALL links in the advertising.


Advertorials (sponsored posts) are full page articles. They will initially appear as the first article on the site and then slowly work their way down the pages as new articles are added. I will not pin them to the top of the first page. The content must be pertinent to BC drivers and relate to the theme of the site. Advertorial content will be reviewed and declined if it does not meet this standard. Cost is a one time placement fee of $400 to run for the life of the site or until the links contained in the advertorial are no longer valid, whichever occurs first.

Please do not waste my time by making significantly low offers and trying to justify the offer with the hope of "long term business."

Column Ads:

Column ads positioned in the page margins. Ads will appear throughout the site or on a page of your choice.

Cost: Site wide: $25 per month, Home page: $15 per month, Targeted page other than home page: $10 per month, based on a 3 month term.

Banner Ads:

Banner ads appear at the bottom of pages.

Cost: Site wide: $50 per month, Home page: $30 per month, Targeted page other than home page: $20 per month, based on a 3 month term.

Newsletter Ads:

We'll send your message directly to our subscribers with your banner ad prominently displayed in our weekly e-news.

Cost: $20 per issue, minimum of 3 issues.

Would you prefer a text only ad instead?

Cost: $10 per issue, no minimum.

Contact DriveSmartBC for more information.

DriveSmartBC reserves the right to refuse any ad for any reason, including objectionable content or images. DriveSmartBC will make the final decision on ad content.


Paypal is the simplest method but a cheque or money order will also be accepted.

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