Self Driving Vehicle Prohibition

Province of BC LogoThe provincial government has announced that effective on April 5, 2024 the use of levels 3, 4 and 5 for a self driving vehicle will be prohibited. This means that self-driving vehicles cannot be driven on public roads nor can highly automated self-driving features be used, unless allowed through a pilot project or by future regulations.

Refueling Safety

image of nozzle for refueling gasoline vehiclesMost of us drive vehicles that use gasoline for fuel. If you are like me, we probably notice the signs at the pump island that tell us to stop our engines before refueling but don't give it much more thought than that. Perhaps the reader that suggested this topic is doing us all a favour.

The Basic Driving Rules

image of a rule bookWhy would a website that specializes in road safety and traffic law in British Columbia refer to the German Road Traffic Regulations? If you take a moment to read the basic driving rules at the beginning and think about it for a moment, maybe you will agree that this is the way our Motor Vehicle Act should start.