RESEARCH - Effectiveness of Children at Play Signs

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation commissioned a report to update it's policies regarding roadside warning signs related to children. From the report summary:

There is no evidence that special warning signs of this sort reduce driver speeds or crash rates. This is the unanimous conclusion of the many credible sources we located on this topic. This claim is supplemented by a number of often-cited “common sense” observations th at such signs do not give clear and enforceable guidance to drivers, provide a false sense of security to parents and children that may increase risk, expose the government to liability, give the false impression that areas without such signs do not have children, represent an unnecessary cost that then propagates as additional signs are requested and violate the principle that signage should be based on engineering, not political, decision making.



Slow Down

These signs are totally useless, in fact, in some cases, I think they insight those bad drivers to defy the whole idea behind them.  I am thoroughly disgusted with the drivers who speed down my local\residential street, most of them parents to drop off the kids at the school and they are either late or just don’t give a rats behind.  I’ve put up my own slow down signs on the telephone pole, makes no difference.  I’ve complained and reported to the police, community policing and municipality.  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing was done.  It’s not just my street, but all the residential streets experience the same and still, there’s never, ever any enforcement or policing to be seen.  It’s not going to lessen or be manageable until these drivers are caught and the law is enforced.  Put up all the signs you like, heck, these drivers don’t obey the “limit” or “max” signs now, they certainly chuckle at our feeble attempt with slow down signs.  We need enforcement.  Plain and simple.  Unfortunately our police find these duties trivial and unrewarding and probably just plan boring.  But we all started at the bottom and had to cover those duties that we found trival but it was part of experience and learning.  Not to mention, you just might catch that “Canada wide warrant” criminal everyone is looking for.

I’d still like to sit at roadside with a bucket rocks.  Bet that would not only slow them down, but probably make them take the time (they thought they didn’t have) to turn around and confront me.  Only in my dreams.

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