HERGOTT LAW - Hit & Run Crash Coverage

Hergott Law logoIf you are the victim of a hit and run collision there are certain steps that you must take in order to fulfill your obligations to ICBC. Reporting the collision to them and the police is not enough. Paul discusses what you must to in addition to this to make sure that you receive the coverage that you paid for.



Hit & Run

I've always thought that we should have automatic, uncontestable penalties for those drivers who "Hit & Run" and that these penalties double for each subsequent offence.

If a driver has been found due to a police investigation or by turning themselves in long enough after the event to render impairment checks useless, the following should apply:

First offence:  The court case and trial should not be made aware of the "Hit & Run" until the conclusion of the trial and a penalty imposed.  At that time, the penalty (monetary, suspension, incarceration or whatever) should be DOUBLED.

Second offence: Similar to a First offence but that the penalty be doubled again ... to become 4 TIMES greater.

Third offence: Doubled yet again to 8 TIMES greater.

As it stands at present, a driver my have a belief that by running, they may not be caught.  Even if they are, they may believe that the risk was worth it, especially if they were impaired.  The odds need to change!

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