VIDEO - Double Crunch

video iconThis video of a multiple vehicle collision was contributed by the driver in the middle. He was stopped waiting to turn left with his wheels turned to the left in anticipation. The driver of pickup following behind apparently fails to notice the left turn driver slow and stop in front of him, resulting in the first collision. The second collision results because the left turn driver has failed to keep his wheels pointed straight ahead while he waited for oncoming traffic to clear. Being hit from behind pushed the vehicle into the path of an oncoming truck resulting in a second collision.

The moral of this story? Keep an eye on what is overtaking you when you slow and keep your wheels pointed straight ahead until it is safe to make your left turn!


There's another moral, too!

This is also why you should never hook a wheel (putting your hand inside the rim to make the turn, almost always done with the right hand, usually by right-handed drivers making left turns) due to the airbag in the steering wheel.

If that guy had placed his hand there, they would still be extracting his teeth from his forearm ... or worse.



Ditto on both counts - keep them wheels straight - only turn wheels when committed to make a turn - I do this even for the right turns.

And yes, inside of the steering wheel is a no touch zone; plus you have to lift your hands off the steering wheel in a collision to avoid wrist damage.

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